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Thread: Just a few questions

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    Sup guys? I just joined in (but ive been reading everything around for a few weeks)

    anyways... I got the PSP "entertainment pack" (the one with the 1gb mem card a game and an ugly movie) and a few minutes later i figured out I had a damned TA-082 PSP:paranoid:!

    so... is the TA-082 DOOmED to be unable to downgrade or switch to custom fw? i know its not possible ATM to downgrade below 2.50 so i mean, is everything lost? no mod chip or custom fw whatsoever?

    BTW, i heard some 00km (sorry i really dont remember the name, no offence xD) guy was able to downgrade a ta 82 to 1.5 doing some badass stuff... anyone know if this is for real? or is this just an evil prank?:sleep:


    I got devhook up n running and Id say im kinda satisfied with it, i just encountered a few problems.. Gradius collection wont work (look like it will but then it says "the game could not be started" i tried several isos and its all the same! this also happens with monster hunter freedom xD) any one know why this happens? ive also heard that some games work as .ISO ONLY and .DAX and .CSO dont work with such games... is this true?

    there's no way to play 2.80 games on devhook yet, right?

    Thanks! :)

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    Hey buddy, I'm in the same boat as you lol. I used to have that problem with Monster Hunter too, but read this:

    idn if that will work for those other games, but it works for Monster Hunter :P

    My PSP = TA-802 - 2.6 > 2.71 > 1.5 > 3.03OE-A > 3.03OE-B > M33 3.52 > M33 3.71
    Thnx to everybody in the psp-hacks community that makes this all possible

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    You can play sum 2.80 games with devhook. Some isos can be fixed so they play when emulating 2.71. And now there is a 2.71/2.80 and a 2.71/3.00 hybrid devhook. Take a look in the hacks, cracks and mods section.

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    A guy named Ookm did have a downgrader for ta-082's, but I don't think he's doing them anymore. Someone tried hacking his gmail, he got fed up with it. I heard some recent posts saying he's still doing them now and then, but I don't know. Hen C should do everything you need, though.
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