While almost all of the PSP crowd has migrated to the 2.71 SE custom firmware by Dark_AleX, there exists a small group of unlucky people (TA-082ers) who can't enjoy that on their PSPs. For them though, Dark_AleX makes sure that they can enjoy most of the kernel mode homebrew using Homebrew Enabler, or HEN.

And in the latest iteration of the holy grail for TA-082ers, there seem to be a lot of fixes and improvements:

Fixed a bug in a patch bad done in a delay slot that caused some umd games not to work when HEN was running (this issue was fixed in SE before)
Fixed a bug in the loading of big user prx's, that affected a plain prx of socom2 umd, and some homebrew prx's.
Bypassed a crappy SCE protection that prevented the umd to be mounted if the application was run from the memory stick.
Usb mass storage couldn't be loaded by homebrews in non-devhook version because semawm.prx is sign checked. HEN now applies the algorithm to reverse the sign check, letting this and the rest of firmware
modules to be loaded by a homebrew.
Added a SDK for HEN/SE.

While most of the updates are just fixes to make a great app even better, the fact that an SDK has been released for HEN/SE means that making mods for them has become a lot more easier. Expect to see a lot of great mods by people. Secondly, since the SDK is common between HEN and SE, it means that most of the mods will work flawlessly on either firmware (2.71 w/ HEN or 2.71 SE). Now that this release is out of the way, I'm waiting for the next version of 2.71 SE with bated breath. It is in development and is rumored to come out very soon. Enjoy HEN D for now!
Via- http://pspupdates.qj.net/Dark-AleX-s...g/49/aid/74132