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Thread: Whatever happened to CheatMaster?

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    I much preferred this cheat engine, mostly because it was pretty clean and simple to use. But also because you could freeze values (unless I am missing something in CWcheat?)

    Does anyone know what has happened to it? I can see loads of links to download .06b, but not a link to it's home site.

    BTW, the 2.71SE installer for 0.6b broke the flashed firmware when I tried to remove it (since it didn't work). I got an error on one of the files and some games wouldn't load any more. Just waiting for the battery to charge enough to be able to re-flash :/

    A note to all the flamers about cheating. I have already explained before, I don't cheat my way through games. I like to play around with them and see what I can make them do , usually after completing them (and sometimes to cheat a bit only if I get REALLY stuck)

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    CM is still around. I think the site is or something.

    I prefer cwcheat, find it easier to use and no need to flash it on se-c. [unless of course you flashed it before and uninstalled it, then i suggest re-installing se-c to get a clean _game.txt file]
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