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Thread: New Easy (Easier) Installer

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    Omega Installer
    A multi platforum easy installer. Mac/linux/windows
    This is the mac version. I will release a windows and a linux version also but I need help beta testing them first. PM me with what system you want to beta test for. This program will be the easiest to use easy installer out there. Just download the installer program and once you have the program you just need the packages. When a new version of devhook or any other homebrew is released no need to download another program. All you have to download is the package and the installer you already have will do the rest. :)
    I have included the app with some demo packages (2 songs hope i dont get sued j/k) and devhook .51 easy installer with 3.02. In this thread. Let me know if you have any problems.

    Omega Installer and 2 demo files
    Devhook .5101 w/easy installer and 3.02

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