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Thread: ISO compatibility...?

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    Okay...i've recently removed all the Update folders from my ISO's, and all but 1 ISO are working...Def Jam Fight for N.Y.
    So i chuck my UMD back in and dump it again...this time i use the new UMD GEN to optimize the image(takes out padding,dummy folder and all that jazz) when i do this, it creates dummy update info(the files that should be there have all the right names...just they have no values or info)
    Now it works,and when loaded up through DevHook, it acts as if there is no update file and runs perfect!

    Can anyone tell me why this is so...and should i put all the update folders back in all my ISO's and run it through the new UMD GEN again to hide the update folder rather than delete it?

    Thanx in advance to anyone with answers and suggestion!!!


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    Yes, put all the update folders back

    Im to lazy to answer you.
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    if the game works, dun put it back. tats all.

    some games might not work becos the LBA checks. So, if it's not working, dun delete, just dummy the UPDATE folders and dummy anything u ripped. :)
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