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Thread: any news on strmmn's n64 emulator??????????

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    i think he has quit the homebrew scene cause he hasnt made any official updates since august. I was raelly hoping to play smash bros and mario kart on the psp, but nothing. has anyone heard any news from him or is he just dead....

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    The only person who is one step ahead of the game is the guy who made daedulos (or however you spell it) he is currecntly in the dev stage with his n64 emulator because there are still mayjor improvements are needed such as speed (right now the highest ive seen mario play at is 17 fps) the texture will sometimes give out, and many other bugs. If you have alot of patience you can try out his emulator in the downloads section Downloads-->Homebrew-->Emulators-->Nintendo-->daedulous "spiffed up" (or something like that) ^__^
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