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Thread: What is the best way to convert DVDs to PSP video....

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    Say, for example, that I have a DVD or even a UMD movie and I want to convert it into a format that I can put on my MS and play back at full screen?

    I have toyed a little with PSP Video 9 and haven't been able to get a usable video file from it, or I am using the wrong tools.

    I have also tried Xilisoft (trial version) and converted to AVC and played with PMP AVC Player and no joy (Incompatible format)

    The only success I have had is with PSP Movie Creator but that won't convert into anything other that MP4 which the PSP doesn't display at full resulotion (limited to 320 x 240)

    Is there an app or homebrew that will allow converting DVD/UMD movies to a format that the PSP (or PSP Homebrew) can play at full res? And if so what app is it and which homebrew is needed to play the output?

    Additional info: I am running 3.02OE-B.

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    Yes, PMP-Mod AVC (homebrew player). Try using XviD4PSP or AVItoPMP to convert to PMP-AVC instead.

    UMD movies? They're not exactly convertable...

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