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Thread: by the time the psp is dead, what homebrew would you want to see

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    if you were to go to the future and psp was sort of dying and nobody was making anything, what types of things would you like to see on psp-hacks? you may choose more than one

    I myself, would like to see a fully working n64 emulator full speed and sound and all roms work (with save game)

    I would also like to see a flash-player 9 for psp, to watch things like youtube or other videos

    last but not least, I would like to see firmware go up to at least 5.00, with all music, video and picture files compatible.

    that would keep the psp scene going for a hell of a long time:mrgreen:

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    There was no need to post this crap 3 times, also there are a shitload of threads like this one....
    but yeah, the 64 emu would be nice... but I dont think sony will keep making up to 5.00FW update...
    ...but who knows...

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