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Thread: Just some advice please :-(

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    I have bought my daughter a PSP about a year ago. It is now running firmware 3.03. She hasn't used it much, cost of games/films etc. My lads have Nintendo's now [never off them] and I want to help her get more use from the PSP. I am slowly working out what it does and have now ordered a 2GB memory card to allow her to make use of home brew games and films. I don't know if the PSP is running the TA-082 motherboard or if it needs downgrading etc. I have opened the UMD cover and can't find any numbers/writing anywhere. It has a serial number on the base if that helps. What I am asking for is some general advice about these matters so I can then ask you specifics. Please don't take the p***, I am a dad trying to help his kid and am obviously out of my depth - :-(
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    You seem like a nice decent guy, so i wont flame you.
    Unfortunately since you upgraded your psp to 3.03 you can't run unsigned code [homebrew] anymore.
    Currently there is no downgrader for a 3.03, so there's pretty much nothing you can do with a psp besides it's own features such as pictures, videos, internet and such.

    Sorry man, you're out of luck. No matter what you do, Dont upgrade it again; there's always a chance of a downgrader
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    I remember when i did that with my 1.50 after i bought it. I heard about homebrew and i upgraded my psp to make sure i had the most updated software for it. Little did i know i screwed my self. Luckily i waited and didnt update again till MPH2.0.

    I thought i was being so smart to. LOL

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