Hey everyone, I'd like to start off this thread by mentioning that I've been in India for 3 weeks with no access to the internet :/ , and so I've come back to PSP Hacks very surpised.

Before I left, HenD had just come out, but I didnt switch because it supposedly wasnt as stable as HenC. Why fix it if its not broken kinda thing.

So while I was in India I kept saying to my bro that I wish you could downgrade TA-802 mobos soo bad (we both have them).

I come back and almost passed out :P I was soo happy lol

Like in the title, I have 2.71, TA-082, HenC with Devhook, 1.5 dump for homebrew, 2.7 dump to play iso's with zephyrus's wifi fix.

Now I just need someone to point me in the right direction to downgrade.

I obviously REALLY don't wanna brick, just like everybody else out there, so I was thinking of waiting to see if the downgrader would become even more reliable, but idn if it will.

Any comments/help would be appreciated :)

If a mod wants to move this to help they can lol, idn since this isnt really a question if its more general than help, but w/e lol