i am doing a research project for my sociology class and im almost done and part of it is emailing one the companies about more information about the careers they offer and then i read this on their website.

"We do not entertain requests for academic research assistance."

the page is here

does that mean that if i email them about wanting to know more about their company they wont help because they dont "entertain" requests for academic assistance?

and if it does not mean they wont help me cus im asking them about info for my school project is it okay if i email the CEO of the company or would i have a better chance of getting a response from someone on a lower level

i guess i know what it means but also dont know.. if i want to accept it yet as for i have done a lot of work and now to find out that they wont provide info to help me.

i feel stupid about this but help thanks :blush: