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Thread: PALadin PAL--> NTSC

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    Finally a decent release from Coldbird for those like me with PAL Games.

    Well Well... Paladin is my new PAL to NTSC Converter for PSX Games... its kinda handy...
    And works in 99% of Cases better than Zapper, because it modifies the VModes rather than the YPos Values... ;-)

    If you still experience a Screen Displacement after patching with Paladin, apply a YPos Move to 0/0 with Zapper...

    Keep in Mind thought that its highly suggested not to use Zapper or any other Patching Tool if its possible... only move the Coordinates to 0/0 with Zapper if needed... :-)

    I tryed to code a little GUI for this fantastix Programm:
    German GUI:
    English GUI:

    Please send me a feetback for the GUI^^

    HF with it^^

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    pal is working really good in 3.10 oe so no need to convert

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