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Thread: Technical PSP questions (kind of)

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    I have a few questions that can be easily answered (for those of you that took the time to notice).

    How is the load time of the games of ISO verses UMD? I'd assume a LOT faster since there is not spinning required on the UMD.

    How is the battery life of ISO verses UMD? Again, I'd assume quite a significant difference since the PSP isn't spinning anything to read information.

    As for playing mp3s, I have a Nintendo DS running moonshell to play my mp3s and I was wondering how well mp3s sound on a PSP. I'd assume better than the DS since it's more powerful.

    It seems like I'm answering my own questions but I'm only tossing out my assumptions and I'd like it if someone could verify if I am correct or not, and maybe even with some numbers.

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    for 1 and 2 yes. you did answer your own questions.. :lol:

    as for #3 i don't know how to compare it with DS since i don't own a DS.. probably it's a lot better than DS since PSP is also a multimedia device not just a gaming device..

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    If SBR for music could be hacked, I'd say the PSP would pwn the DS in terms of music playback... >_> Though no-one seems to even know what SBR is, so I doubt anyone would be working on it :( (yes, this is like the 100th time I've complained about this :|)

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