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Thread: Funny thing I noticed...

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    I was on my psp and trying to get some damn psx emulation on 3.10OE' working. Again it froze when I selected the game.

    Anyway, I had to take the battery out as holding the power button didn't do anything. So I took the battery out, but the screen was still on and I could change brightness etc... wtf i thought! Then realised that I had the power adapter in. BUT still how is it on? The AC power goes to the battery right? So if there is no battery the psp cannot take its power from anything as the AC goes into the battery.........

    So how the hell does the psp work without a battery?


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    the PSP CAN off ac power only

    whe u plug in the ac psp is using it and the battery is changing

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    Yep we do know this : P

    The charger does whatever the battery battery does, the only reason there is a battery in the PSP is to make it portable... Otherwise it would be just like a PS2, no batteries, just wires...

    Hope that sounds ok XD

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