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Thread: Has anyone thought of this yet?

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    Ok I am pretty sure someone has posted this idea somewhere or if it already exists, but I'll give it a go:

    Something that prevents the usage of official sony updates but at the same time allows custom firmware / run program at ms0/psp/game/recovery/150.pbp

    So basically the idea is you MUST have more than 1 eboot in the directory for it to work, or something like that (disable anything 3.10 or higher?)

    This would only be to secure your psp against any homosexuality though :sigh:

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    no need too, with the release of the network updater that downloads the latest DAX custom firmware, the only other two ways is if someone uses a disc.. which should still be a bit off from 3.03....... and lastly is to load the update on the ms and if someone is fucking that much of a douche bag to knowingly do that..... then you shouldnt have let them play with it in the first place..

    "the devs saying "we are working on fixing this issue" well i'm working on having sex with Mandy Moore and Britney Spears
    at the same time, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen" ~Travisclees~

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