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Thread: *RELEASE* Battery InfO v1!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSeph of
    Team tOc is proud to announce the release of Battery InfO!

    Battery InfO
    v1 by Team tOc

    Members of Team tOc are: EvilSeph, Moca, TUW (The Unique Warrior), MaTiAz, Ahadiel and kando

    Battery InfO is an OE PRX that provides you with easy access to detailed information about your PSP's battery. Why is this needed? Well, usually to get such information you'd have to go through your xmb and go to Battery Information. With our PRX, it's all right there on the screen already. Battery InfO is just a small part of a larger project we're busy thinking about (maybe working on...who knows? :P). One cool feature apart from the customization of how the information is presented is the ability to hide and show the information at the press of a button. By default the Battery InfO displays on the screen.

    When displaying some screenshots of what we were working on some people gave us suggestions and that resulted in completely different versions of one plugin, so, we decided to give everyone the best of all three worlds.

    We were going to be the first to do this, but then hallo007 released his first. :) We chose to make ours better before releasing it and tried to make it as useful as possible, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

    As always, we stress that you read the readme.txt AND, in this case, the configuration text too as they both contain important information.

    On a side note, please welcome MaTiAz to our team! :)

    Download can be found in the downloads section on our site or attached to this post.

    this it better then then the one that flicker

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    i know them all, they r cool, team t0c FTW! :D

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    damn thats pretty crazy. It can really come in handy. Also, if you are lazy, this a good app.

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    ah i cant get it to work, when i go to se plugins only 1 of the battery things is there, the vsh.
    EDIT: alright now i got both things in the plugins folder but it wont work, confused.
    everytime i go back into my seplugins everythings disabled anyone know why?


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