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Thread: 2 layers or 1 ?!!?!

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    i bought the MadCatz case and it has a screen protector, i also have a stick on one, should i put both on or only the Madcatz one?

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    sweet yeah I'd put them both on I still get light scratches from my logitech playgear case because the foam for some reason attracts dust and makes em.

    I got a sticker one on my old faceplate but it kinda sucks because it wasn't that great of screen protector so if I peel it off and try to put it on the new faceplate it won't work and I don't feel like paying $5 for the third time for a clear sticker! lol

    I gotta get another clear sticker agian but I might get that dvd scratch remover like glag mentioned somewhere instead cause that'd work too hehe But its like one and its so light i couldn't see it til I was in a bright ass room then I couldn't see it at all when the things on

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