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StrmnNrmn's got an update up on his blog regarding R10. According to his entry, he intends to keep his promise on releasing Daedalus R10 by the end of March. And with only but a night to go before we officially bid goodbye to March, we're thinking we could find R10 up and about by tomorrow. Hopefully.

Anyhow, StrmnNrmn says that R10 will be smaller than R9. However, you'll be sure to find some great improvements, such as an approximate 10 to 15% speedup, frameskip, framerate limiting and stick deadzone tuning, and various small bugfixes. He says that he's giving himself until Sunday afternoon to have everything readied at the latest.

Important to note also from this entry is that StrmnNrmn has said that the Expansion Pak support feature might not get to be included in R10. He says that although he's fixed that bug that's been keeping it from working, the obstacle now are the various memory issues it causes when enabled. And between delaying R10's release and forcing the Expansion Pak support,he'd rather have a go at R10 and disable the Pak support for now. Then he'll just make up for it by releasing R11 early.

So there. That's all the update there is for now. But keep it locked right here, cos we're sure updates will be trickling in quick on