Before I start I want to tell you that I was running it on devhook. :mrgreen:

You all know the portals that exist out there that make a psp browser look like you are running XP or vista or mac. Well, I got a mac portal called X5 Ressurection. I looked like mac and gave you a slight feeling that you were using mac. :rolleyes:
Anyway it has a feature where you can change the background image of the "desktop", so I tryed changing it and chose to put a bitmap image that I had (it was the only image in my memory stick, that and HEN-D).
Unfortunatly the portal didnt accept bitmap images so after a couple of presses of the "select" button to select the image, I got the blue screen of death... :o You know and it says " press O the reset setting" or something. So I pressed and pressed the O button, but the psp would reset and the blue screen of death would pop up again. :mad: So I just gave up with the whole resetting the settings thing and formated my memorty stick and put the backed-up version of devhook that I had on my computer. And now it works again. :mrgreenthumbsup: I dont know what files got f***** but it was really anoing :evil: