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Thread: For those who own the PSP Camera/Chotto Shot/Go!Cam: Is it Worth it?

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    Hi. As the title suggests, I am wondering if the PSP camera (also known as the Chotto Shot or the Go!Cam) is worth the money. I am considering getting one if people think the quality is good enough for the price, and if it seems practical enough to use rather than a dust collecter. Sadly, my cell phone doesn't have a camera, and I don't have a digital camera, so it would be my only means of photography. Anyway, now I'm going to end this post with the question: For anyone who owns a PSP camera, is it worth the money? Will I actually use it and is the quality worth the price? (Like I said, I have no other device for taking pictures, so keep that in mind when you answer.)

    Thanks in advance. Any answers are greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Crap I just noticed the hardware forum. Maybe that's a better place for this. Well I guess mods will move it if they want to. It'll probably get more attention here, though.

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    it will. it's fine if it stays

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