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Thread: what can you do with the psp camera? / what I'd like

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    I don't know if it has any other use besides taking pictures or not. but here are some ideas I've had the past few days.

    one, instead of just pictures, get a mic and record video/sound. (if it's fast enough my wife's digicam doesn't write to the mem card fast enough for great quality.)

    idea #2 (and this is the one I'd rather have) remember gameboy's camera thing? that let you put your face in little games and edit the pics with stamps and stuff. I don't know if you could redirect the usb camera to the gameboy camera rom, but if not, it would be an awesome homebrew.

    I'd like something that could take several shots and then put them together as an animation.

    I'm just an idea man I guess. feel free to make this if you have the knowledge. do you think sony will make something like this or perhaps a psp eyetoy like they did with the ps2?

    gimmie some feedback

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    I especially like the idea of a little photo editing program.

    Would be fun for when you are "out and about".

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