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Thread: Convinced my friends to homebrew

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    So I was the first of my friends to buy a psp. At the time, I had GTA: LCS (At it's first release). They all thought it looked pretty convincing and decided to buy a psp for all the great games sure to come out.

    We know how that turned out.

    So a few days ago, I was hanging out with them, playing Back to Nature, my friends seemed curious about it. Up to this point, they always said they didn't want to brick their psps, which of course is a fine and acceptable reason not to. However, this day they seemed interested in homebrew, and both stated that they haven't touched their psp's in ages Oone had a total of three games: Daxter, Burnout Legernds, and ???. The other had two including GTA: LCS and Tekken) and decided that homebrewing would actuaslly make the psp, I don't know, fun?

    Yesterday, I helped one of them downgrade their 3.02 to 1.5, then got 3.40 OE-A on his psp. Then he decided on getting the Ipsp xmb icon set and I taught him how to access the recovery menu and access the flash drives. He was very impressed by the fact that you can normally recover a bricked psp from the recovery menu. We spent the whole night playing Harvest Moon and FF7 ;)

    I plan on downgrading the other's psp when I see him next.

    Story Over: Feels good to help someone get their most out of the system.

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    yea, i downgraded my friends psp a few months back when 3.03 dg came out. i don't think he has touched it since.
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