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Thread: PSP redesign OFFICIALLY confirmed

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    [11:47] SCE president Kaz Hirai takes the stage to show all new PSP that looks just like the old one.

    [11:48] The new PSP is 30% lighter than the old PSP and 19% slimmer with...VIDEO OUTPUT

    [11:48] Shows off new PSP, and is going to plug it into a Sony HDTV (naturally).

    [11:49] Shows trailer for Spider-Man 2, then hits the display button. The image is then displayed onto a huge screen overhead, and looks remarkably crisp and clear.

    [11:50] He hits the display button again, the image goes back to the screen.

    [11:50] Video output will allow for showing video and _playing games_ on a TV.

    [11:51] Real, sustained applause--people really wanted this. A very good first step.
    images found in the link

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