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Thread: CWcheat 0.1.9 REV.A RELEASED

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    Quote Originally Posted by weltall
    Here it is a new version of cwcheat: 0.1.9 REV.A
    With this version you will now have a prx specially made for irshell which starts in homebrew mode and let you load the game id and database when you have started your game by pressing L+SELECT in the cwcheat menu.
    Other than this there are a lot of optimizations which let the prx reduce it's size by 1370bytes and the goto function is more complete, being able to accept also not "showed bytes" alligned adresses (it changes the x position of the cursor according to the adress you enter)


    0.1.9 REV.A RELEASE
    - [ALL] fixed a little glitch about brightness changing at boot up even with brightness control disabled if the
            default brightness level on the config was != 0
    - [ALL] made various optimizations which made the prx go down of 1370 bytes
    - [IRSHELL] added a special prx crafted for IRSHELL. It will load in homebrew mode and you are able to switch to
                game mode by pressing L TRIGGER + SELECT on the main menu. This will load the gameid and the database.
                When you go out from the game irshell will reset so even prx will be realoded, making cwcheat restarting
                in homebrew mode.
    - [LITE] added a lite version of the build for IRSHELL
    - [LITE] lite prxs were moved to a LITE subfolder in the package to avoid having a lot of prx on the archive root directory
    - [ALL] now the cursor is positioned according to 
    the inputted adress in the goto dialog even if not alligned with
            the shown bytes per line
    - [ALL] the goto adress shown when you open it takes in consi

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    You always surprise me with your fast news :mrgreenthumbsup:
    thx a lot :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mahfood1990
    You always surprise me with your fast news :mrgreenthumbsup:
    thx a lot :)
    He does doesn't he LOL :mrgreenthumbsup:

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