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Thread: Look a petition to sony for homebrew???

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    Default Sony won't do it :sigh: list is up to 50 people here (( To Sony/whom it may concern, etc.

    We the underlined Sony PSP users/community, etc. Demand that you create an update to allow us to make and use homebrew PSP files.

    Thank you,
    Sony PSP users/community, etc. )) Sony ya ok we'll get right on it :mrgreenthumbsup:

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    They already announced they were thinking about it. And even if they do it'll have so many limitations and shit on it that it won't even be worth anyones time sacrificing a totally unlocked psp for a stupid semi-locked psp that can't do anyhting except run stupid rewritten homebrew apps that Sony is going to charge people for anyways. This simply means that a petition is stupid and not worth anyones time signing..but nice try though :mrgreenthumbsup:

    coaxes fellow dashhackers to follow

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