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    copy and pasted from

    PSPX: Please, tell us about yourself. Who are you? How many of you? How old are you?
    M33: Well we can`t say much about it. This information isn`t secret, but its quite difficult to describe all our members within a few words. As we already wrote, we are Russians and Ukrainian programmers. There are five of us in the team, aged between 20 and 50.

    PSPX: Are you working or studying now?
    M33: Two of us still studying at the Universities, the others are working at software firms.

    PSPX: How long have you been intrested in PSP?
    M33: We are all bought PSP about a year or two ago. The reasons were different. One of our team members bought PSP to watch movies, the other to play games, etc...
    Its interesting that none of us haven't thoght to code for PSP at that time.

    PSPX: Have you ever had another consoles? Have you tried to compile programs & hacks for them?
    M33: We had consoles before, but we only used them for playing games.

    PSPX: Do you have any hobby?
    M33: Yes - fishing and chicks.))

    PSPX: How long have you been coding?
    M33: Each of us started to write programs on BASIC at the age of 10-15, except one - he started his coding way from FORTRAN

    PSPX: Why did you decide to continue Dark_Alex's project?
    M33: Because he stopped his work. And we thought that CFW must live, and someone should continue his work.

    PSPX: Was the work going hard? What was the most difficult?
    M33: The most difficult was to understand which patches were made by DAX in OE, actually that`s not very difficult if you know how the firmware works.

    PSPX: What is CFW lacking now? Many people want to see UMD VIDEO support, What is "ideal firmware" in your opinion?
    M33: The only thing missing in CFW in our opinion is the ability to run UMD VIDEO. We think that the "ideal firmware" will be from Sony. When Sony understands the useless of their attempts to fight against CFW, they WILL release the firmware that will allow to run homebrew. That will be the "ideal firmware"

    PSPX: Such frequent updates can they fright off the people? Maybe they'll start to think that nothing works on your firmware. Such tactics, is it caused by desire to share you work with people?
    M33: We've let out the majority of updates only to correct the remaining bugs in ОЕ firmwares. Now you can notice that updates are not so often, and eachone of them adds all new functions, and not just corrects the bugs.

    PSPX: How it seems to you, Sony's acting correctly , trying to stop foreign development for their consoles?
    M33: No. Such policy is not correct. Sony should allow homebrew development, as on PS2 in RTE (Runtime Environment) on which you can program homebrew, but can't run ISO.

    PSPX: Are you going to work with other consoles?
    M33: Maybe with PS3, we're not interested in other consoles ...

    PSPX: Do you have any suggestions for the gaming community?
    M33: Buy games that you like. The developers are people too, they need this money.

    PSPX: How can you comment the rumors that Dark_AleX creates under the pseudonym of M33?
    M33: That's not truth. But if he wants to work with us we will be pleased to invite him ! There was a rumor, that he has finished to work with ОЕ firmwares because of Sony trying to stop him, and is very sad that he has surrendered. Dark_AleX, if you're reading this interview write us on |

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