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Thread: 3.52 M33-3 Released

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    *** License in LICENSE.TXT is written only in English, since it concerns only foreign users. Only, that by Russian it is necessary to know: do not modify [installer], since this is dangerous, is possible [brik].


    - Are added the speeds of the processor: 75 and 133.
    - Is added the possibility to obtain access to flash2 and flash3 through USB into recovery.
    - Is added the selection of device, which is accessible from XMB through the connection USB. (Into Recovery it is possible to select - MS, flash0, flash1, flash2, flash3 or UMD, after the changes through " Connection Of uSB" there will be they [otkryvatsya] the fact that you selected)
    - Is added vshmenu, which can be caused by button HOME in XMB (we they imitated vshex from [devkhuka]). With these menu it is possible to change some things without reloading of the system: the speed of processor, type ISO, device for XMB through USB, and to select the means UMD VIDEO for the playback. There is the probability that the menu is not compatible with existing [plaginami], it is possible to so that open into recovery
    - Is added the support of the means UMD VIDEO through vshmenu. Copy means in /ISO/VIDEO, and search for them in the menu of " [Video]". NO -UMd does not work in XMB (even that which from Sonia…), so that it is necessary that any disk was in the drive during the playback.

    Changes in popsloader:
    - Is added support POPS from nucleus 3.30. Installation the same, is not only now necessary libpspvmc.prx (it was not into 3.30…)
    - Carefully! [Seyvy] are not compatible between 3.30 and [sledushchimi] POPS. If [seyv] exists, POPS [zavisnet] on the black screen…

    Interesting facts against vshmenu and against the supports to video of the means:
    - vshmenu it is not possible to neglect thus far browser is convoluted (by pressure Of home). (Browser it remains convoluted, until you cause another point XMB, type game, music or video.)
    - Since by video and play means use the same nucleus, so that as soon as will be neglected game, video will be disassembled.
    - Size CSO is not supported BY UMD VIDEO by means.
    - UMD MUSIC means theoretically also are supported, but we them do not have in order to verify. (Throw them in /ISO/VIDEO)


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    Good job.
    Nice post.

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    Whats up with that LICENCE?


    Terms of Conditions.

    0. You can only install this program, if you agree to EVERY term of
    conditions of this license.

    1. Refusal of responsability.

    This free program comes with no warranty.
    Authors are not responsable of any damage that the use of this
    software may cause.
    The software has been tested on diferent hardware, on "ideal conditions"
    (firmware files unmodified, no plugins), and it has been working properly
    and safely. However there is no warranty that this will happen in all cases.

    2. Modification of the program.

    You are allowed to modify the program binaries once it has been installed,
    at your own risk (this excludes people banned from M33 Software).
    If you spread said modificated files, you are required to indicate that you
    modified them.

    You are however NOT allowed to modify the installer, the readme or this license,
    including the removal of one or more of them.
    Modification of installer covers all: icon, image, executable code, text, etc.
    These kind of modifications may end in the software refusing to work.

    3. Free Software.

    This software is FREE, meaning that you shouldn't have been forced to pay to
    obtain it.
    M33 Team accepts donations, but they are fully voluntary.

    4. BAN.

    M33 was designed to be a program to be shared with all PSP homebrew community.
    Because we have noticed that there is rubbish inside the community, we have
    the rights of making our application NOT TO WORK for certain people or organizations,
    in order to protect our rights, the rigths of legitimate homebrew developers, and
    the PSP homebrew community.

    Because of the nature of the program, which starts with the system, the refuse of
    the program to work means too the unability to start the psp device, a.k.a. BRICK.
    Our software doesn't contain any malicious code, but code to refuse to start in
    those cases, which is legitimate since it is our work.
    If you don't agree to this term, you are not allowed to use this software.

    In the following section, the word "criminal" will be used to define those that
    steal source code, compatibility lists, change program credits, or do any other kind of
    ilicity activity.

    You are BANNED of any kind of use, including spreading, of M33 Software, if you meet
    one or more of the following conditions:

    4.1. You didn't agree to all terms of conditions of this license.

    4.2. You downloaded this software from a criminal site.

    4.3. You have a website of criminal nature, or you are a moderator, or you colaborate,
    or have colaborated in any way with that type of webiste.

    4.4. You are an active forum member of a criminal site.

    4.5. You give support or money to a criminal site, either directly (by paying ads
    or any other thing), or indirectly (indirect money by criminal website frequent
    visit). "Moral" support to the actions of the criminal site is included.
    The ban in this point, will be stopped if the support/money ceases. (deleting of ads,
    stop of visiting the site and removal of psp/pc browser cache).

    4.6. You are linked to a criminal website, or your website is partner/friend of a criminal
    site. In this case, users of the linked website are also banned.

    4.7. You have a link to a criminal webiste in your site. This excludes links from forums, or
    "negative" links.

    4.8. You use stolen source code in your psp program (or your parody of program).
    In this case, both, the application and the stealer are banned.

    4.9. You do any kind of activity that damage M33 Team members, or legitimate PSP homebrew

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    thanks good job

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    M33-3 insatlled

    new VHS MENU

    i was sleeping
    when it came out

    rapidshare downlaod for 3.52 M33-3

    this should be in the HACK, Cracks, and MODS section

    PSP 1.5 got on USA first day is was 1.5 NOW 4.01 M33-2 -> 5.00 M33-6(1.50 addon),
    Old PS3s: PS3 60GB FW:3.41(2nd ps3 YLoD, 1st, YLoD)
    New PS3:
    Slim 160gb 01-21-2011 Working
    was 3.40 OFW->3.60 OFW

    2nd PSP : PHAT 5.50 GEN-D2
    3rd PSP : Sliver 3000 Starting OFW:4.20 (NEW bought NEW on 11/28/2010)
    It a good idea to have "Hide extensions for known file types" in Folder Options(under Tool) unchecked (turn on extensions)

    3DS FC:0301-9790-8019

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    i updated. worked for me.

    access to CPU Speed in the XMB is a nice addition. it reminds me of DevHook.

    but the slowdown in the GAME menu is still there. its annoying, but no biggie.

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    my PSP doesnt go to sleep whenever i adjust my VSH's CPU speed while in the XMB, and you have to do a hard reset before the PSP will shut off completely.

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    Cheers to M33 again.

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    I've noticed that my PSP also won't go to sleep after using that menu and I'm having trouble starting up my video iso...not that I'm complaining...far from it...these guys are amazing! Best thing is...if there are any minor bugs...they're on an update like stink on a monkey!

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    What's the deal with the video iso thing, does this mean I can put my movies into iso's and play them on the PSP? What formats does it support?

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