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Homebrew developer UFox dropped by QJ.NET PSP Development Forum and released a new version of nifty program PSP Content Manager bringing it up to version 1.8. For the uninitiated, take note that this is actually a PC-based application that lets users preview and manage the content of their handheld units.

PSP Content Manager is capable of accessing content that are stored on your PSP's memory stick, as well as those found in the PC hard drive with a same folder structure used on the memory stick. Some of the program's features include file management, item sort, hombrew edit/installation, MP4 title modifying, MP3/WMA/ATRAC tag edit, as well build-in RSS server.

Here are the following changes and improvements that can be noticed in PSP Content Manager v1.8:

* Build-in RSS Server to Host MP3 Files on PC for PSP RSS Channel
* Start the Build-in RSS server and add build-in channel from RSS Channel List; Or your can do that using PSP internet browser to open PC's IP address.
* RSS Channel List
* Support ms0:/ISO/VIDEO Folder for UMD ISO List
* Convert and Save 1.50 EBOOT to 1.00 EBOOT Format
* Fix CFW Setting Saving Bug
* System Tray Icon
UFox included a very comprehensive Readme.txt file in the download which contains information on how to use the application as well as functions of each feature. Be sure to browse through that first before installing this on your PlayStation Portable units.
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