Let me start by saying I really don't know where to put this so...If it needs moved please move it.

I've been in the scene for a little while well actually since right before 3.10-OE was release so I don't have a full back ground on some things..

Being the type of person I am I'm always trying to learn why things work the way they do.

With that being said.. What are the different types of exploits used to run home brew and what are the differences?

I have seen that there are exploits just for 1.0 and ones for 1.5, KExploit, Hen C, and Hen D I want to say there is also ones for Tiff?(Pictures).

Can someone explain these and how they work? Not which folders to put them in...I can run the homebrew fine...Just don't understand the differences other than Hen X doesn't work on 1.5.

Also on another note....


Is the idstorage hidden on Flash 0? on another partition or what? Can we actually see the files over usb? IF so where? I don't think we can.

Can the idstorage be pulled out of the nand-flash.bin backup that Pandora Makes? Can it be edited manually or at least looked at? Maybe put back in?

The IPL...on the magic memory stick Is this hidden which file is it? I'm just curious.

Can we just copy and paste the files on the memory card to another or is there something that we will miss by doing it that way?

There's more I just can't think being at work and all..

Thanx for the info..

Can you dump a nand flash using pandora from say a ta-079 and restore it without IDStorage to a ta-086?