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    Hello Board i am a new to all this and have being reading post from varouse boards i have bricked a BRAND NEW psp during a downgrade so after a replacment given from local A*gos store i have decided to stop trying the homebrew way and have a look in a another direction. This has probably been tried before but i have downloaded 2 well known games and used PBPunpacker by pdc and had a go at rebuilding a PBP file from a CSO. Well the outcome is good as the game starts from the memstick with the selection screen then i get error when you press x to start. Any help from here would be great thanks .This a Brand New UNtouched psp running v3.52 latest sony update if any wants the files send email and i will post on.

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    Nothign new.. tried over 100 zillion times.

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    I'm guessing that the digital signiture got "smudged," aka corrupted, during the conversion process, and that there isn't a way to keep it from getting "smudged."

    So basically, you need custom firmware. Use Pandora's battery to downgrade to 1.50, then upgrade to 3.52 m33, then apply the latest patch.

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