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Thread: neogeo emulator readme..........

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    okay guys......... i cudnt figure out what to do with the neogeo emulators around.............
    the readme was in japanese..................

    i figured it around and translated it............. works fyn now...........
    posting it so that it ud come to ur help

                       NEOGEO Emulator for PSP 2.0.6
                                     NJ (
    < Summary >
    NEOGEO for PSP (MVS/AES) it is emulator.
    About correspondence ROM set
      Because it is conformed after MAME 0.112u2, as for zip file name MAME 0.112u2
      It is necessary to match the ROM set name which it requires.
      As for all ROM image files it is necessary to compress in the zip file.
      If the fact that the file which is developed in the folder cannot be handled is excluded, basic MAME
      Completely it is the same. In addition, it does not correspond to the ROM set to which MAME is not corresponding.
      The game which is indicated white on the file browser operates everything.
      When it does not operate, it means differing from those which ROM set requires.
      Using the tool of ClrMame Pro and RomCenter etc, in ROM set after the MAME 0.106
      Please agree.
      By any means, when we would like to operate other emulator and the ROM set of old MAME
      If you say, it is rominfo.dat should have been rewritten with notepad and the like, but
      You do not recommend. Looking at the contents of rominfo.dat, if meaning is not recognized
      Please do not modify.
      As for the game which on the file browser is indicated with the gray the encoding key deciphers
      Being something which is not done, as for these it cannot start with present condition.
    Directory setting
    The directory is drawn up at all first starting times automatically.
     /PSP/GAME/ (in case of CFW3.xx /PSP/GAME150/)
          + - MVSPSP/(root directory)
             | |
             | + - EBOOT.PBP MVSPSP itself
             | + - the mvspsp.ini MVSPSP setting information recorder file (it is drawn up automatically)
             | + - command.dat MAME Plus! Business command.dat (for command list/option)
             + - Directory for cache/cash file (with romcnv_mvs.exe compilation)
             | |
             | + - mslug_cache/(example: Metal Slug) * Copying the folder which was drawn up
             + - Directory for config/game separate setting file
             + - Directory for memcard/memory card
             + - Directory for nvram/SRAM data retention
             + - Directory for snap/screen shot
             + - Directory for state/state data
             + - The directory for the roms/ROM image file (compress with ZIP type,)
             | |
             | + - (NEOGEO BIOS)
             | + - (example: Samurai spirits)
             | + -…
    Please collect BIOS to the file,, put on the roms folder.
    ROM file name of each game does not care with any name, but “as for CRC MAME 0.106
      CRC and it is necessary agreement of ROM set " to have done.
    It corresponds to also hack BIOS of uni-bios and the like, but basic as for these uses
      It does not recommend. As for the part game there is a possibility of not operating.
      As for the file which is included in of English edition, the game list and command
      It is the file which is necessary to the case where Japanese is used with the list.
      If Japanese is not used, because it is unnecessary, please delete.
      When it indicates with Japanese, the file which is included in
      Please copy that way in /PSP/GAME/MVSPSP/.
    Compilation of cash file
      At the time of ROM reading when the error that " memory is not enough ", is indicated,
      It is necessary to draw up cash of the graphic data.
      Please draw up with romcnv_mvs.exe of attachment. As for how to use romcnv_mvs.exe
      Please refer to readme_mvs.txt.
      Furthermore, when cash file is used, unlike CPS2PSP all games
      So it is necessary to draw up individually.
    Operation method
    * As for the setting picture of BIOS in during file browser executing it indicates by the fact that " START " is pushed
      It is done. “After setting here, " please be sure to start the game.
    Game excluding the picture and the main menu which are in the midst of executing, with all menus " the R trigger "
       �It is designed in such a way that operation help is indicated by the fact that it does. 
    If it is not understood, in any case please push the " R trigger ". 
    If you see, because you think, that it is understood, you spare details. 
    As for the menu which modifies the setting and the like of the game, during game executing by the fact that " HOME " is pushed 
    It is indicated. When (it compiles with user mode, in " START + SELECT " 
    It becomes.) 
    Button operation in game 
    Allotment of the button is modification possible. Setting of default is written below. 
    Arrangement of the button is the same arrangement as the NEOGEO pad。 
    Up - Up or Analog Up 
    Down - Down or Analog Down 
    Left - Left or Analog Left 
    Right - Right or Analog Right 
    Start - Start 
    Coin - Select 
    Button A - Cross 
    Button B - Circle 
    Button C - Square 
    Button D - Triangle 
    Uniqueness operation 
    HOME: The menu is opened 
    L + R + SELECT: The service switch (also allotment is possible in the button of specification) 
    About the modification of Region/Machine Mode of BIOS 
    Game setting it has tried to be able to modify inside the menu, but it operates completely 
    It is not reason. In case of the game of the latter term, when this setting is modified 
    There are some which are caught to protect and do not operate. 
    In addition, when it tries to operate the game of MVS with BIOS of AES, in the same way 
    Being caught to protect, there are times when it does not operate. 
    If we would like to modify securely, using uni-bios v1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/2.0 
    In addition 
    The file of [memorikado] is drawn up every game. 
    In addition, the memory card has entered in a state where always it is recognized. 
    The game below operates with MAME, but with this emulator memory insufficiently 
    From because it cannot start, it is not yet correspondence. 
    svcpcb SvC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom (JAMMA PCB) 
    bootleg set operates in only bootleg corresponding edition. As for edition dividing usually, 
    bootleg corresponding edition because excessive processing increases, is because effective speed falls somewhat.

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    Thanks I guess =P
    1 God 1 King is truly a king =D He saved me from leaving the scene, but kindly donating his PSP to me. Anybody who talks to him on these forums, is not worthy of his kindness =P THANK YOU 1 GOD 1 KING!!!!

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