Spike_132000 from ConsoleSpot.net has released an app that runs like an Operating System for the PSP. Using the file browser you can view PNG and JPG files as well as Run LUA Files. Additionally, it has its own Boot Screen, Desktop, Moveable icons, USB toggle, Wallpaper changer, and a Battery Indicator. Check it out and download in the official release thread and be sure to leave him some comments there. :tup:

Some Screens:

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and another one too

Here it true and last version of Mac OS P
that innovations nothing was removed:

* File management system while supporting on square in the explorers of ms Picture and Photo
* explorer of ms on the desk of the exploring type Windows but will post only what Mac OS P is able to launch
* a mediaplayer on the desk
* new luaplayer (thank you emeric mdr)
* launching eboot (aps all, no question of kernel) and prx (Mac OS P able to launch will pandora battery' S hey hey Razz)
* almost launching UMD plays and video you will be redirected towards the xmb psp (without making purposely)
* adapted graphics has MAC OS P (thank you emeric and Dinacy)
* always the basic change of screen but it will remain
* My Plays/Appli désormé available without bug
* a window allowing to see the battery and the memory available
* iphoto and all same applications that front
* if you have a basic problem of screen at the error beginning of loading image support on
(google translated)

Download here (need maxconsole login)
ok so yea basicly nothing really more then ports of IR shell but for anyone that wants to change the look of the psp for a bit..

P.S. seems like chilly willy is starting work on a sega cd once he goes over his assembly knowledge..... Post Numbah 2