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Thread: New PSP

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    I guy told me something shoking...
    I don't belive him :/
    And i think 50% won't belive either.
    Now, try this:
    A new PSP could come in the next year, it should play blue-ray CD's and have... dunno... some other features...
    Like a wireless Video Out feature.
    This made me think, isn't he lying?
    The explanation for the Blue-Ray: Now its a PSP Slim era, there are Video Out features for a PSP, so you can connect a PSP to a TV etc.
    Also i thinked that PS3 has a Blue-Ray reading feature.
    And also PS3 so as PSP has a RemotePlay feature.
    The HowTo: Insert a Blue-Ray movie in to the PS3, lunch the App to able to see it on RemotePlay on a PSP, launch RemotePlay on a PSP, see the Movie in Blue-Ray.

    This all makes me think, he said about PSP Slim, before it had a presentation... it was before May.
    He also said about a new Sony VAIO laptop, he also came out...
    Maybe someone has something to say about this thing?

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    the only new psp that coming out next yr is a combination of psp + sony errison handphone...its a psphandphone.I read it inside a magazine,the design is in silver colour and the screen able to flip 180degree to become a normal hp or become a psp.
    Which i think rather stupid
    1. it is waste battery as handphone is keep in power and draining battery.
    2. u put your face against the screen when u talk..and after that u have to clean the screen as it become oily
    3. some people do not like sony errison type of handphone

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