Homebrew developer Hellcat has come out with the second version of the Pandora Installer for 3.xx kernels. This application allows users to run a base Pandora setup for any kernel 3.71 and below. This application also works on both the PSP Slim and Lite and the original PSP.

The updated version now allows users to perform actions on the memorystick, removing the need to run mspformat and msint on the PC. In other words, the process of repartitioning and formatting the memstick to reserve space for MS IPL and installation of the IPL (MSIPL.BIN) has been made simpler now since the application can perform those functions with a simple button press.

If you plan on trying this out, the developer said that Pandora conversion should only be done with the fat battery and not the Slim one. If this is the first time you're going to use this application, we would like to recommend going over the previous article on this to familiarize yourself with its functions. Remember that this program has the capability of bricking your PSP if you're not careful, go over all the documentation and follow it to the letter to avoid any problems.

COOL :))