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    hi all
    im new in this forum.
    i got my psp a week ago and downloaded some games but it didnt work
    my friend told me to download the newest update from sony for psp so now i got 3.71 version. some other friend told me that i need downgrade my version to 1.5.
    please i dont understand much of this can som1 please give me a link where can i find 3.71 downgrader and explain me what is firmware cause i dont know wat is it.
    please ppl help me

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    1) ask for help in the help section.
    2) give your topics descriptive names. otherwise they'll just get locked like this one.
    3) you shouldnt have listened to that first friend. use pandora to downgrade to 1.5 (that second friend who told you to downgrade to 1.5 may be able to help you out if he has a psp). before you ask what it is or how to do it, make use of the Tutorials section and look at the stickies in Hacks, Cracks, and Mods and the Help section. i assure you you'll get most of your questions answered without even having to post. once you're on 1.5, upgrade to a custom firmware. more on that once you're on 1.5
    because i'd have to lock it anyway once it was moved to the help section.

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