1. Hey guys I actually plan on getting a slim(really soon) so will the tutorial work to make a pandora battery for a CFW with 3.72HX-2? Like can I still make a pandora battery because it doesn't have the 1.5 kernel?

2. When I buy a psp slim, if it is in a firmware like 3.71 or something above 3.60 will I be able to downgrade it to 3.60m33?

2a. If you can't downgrade it to 3.60m33 or w/e is there a tut. on how to do it with a firmware above 3.60?

3. On the tutorial for updating a slim to 3.60m33. do you use the magic battery you just made as the pandora battery in the psp phat or do you use another battery because he says leave them alone and then in the next step he says
3.) Now that you have created the Pandora Battery and Memory Stick Pro Duo, go into USB Mode