Hey all, I've had my PSP for about a year now and I've had one of those protective skins and was debating whether to take it off. I love the original black psp but my skin is ofcourse covering it up. The skins color is like fire red and it has flaming skulls on it. I like it but I really want to take it off. What are some of the pros and cons of keeping it or taking it off? I'de love to see some takes on what you guys think. Thanks.

EDIT: Oh and when I got my PSP for christmas, my mom only got me the core pack so it didnt come with that nice soft case. I have a nasty hard one that holds 2 games and some cleaning cloths. It's a pain to carry around. So I usually stick my psp in my pocket and I'm afraid if i take the skin off it might scratch. (I have a screen protector ofcourse) Can you still buy the soft case instores? If you can I'm gonna take that skin off and buy the soft Case. I still would like to see your skin takes.