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Thread: Just a quick thank you to the users of this site

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    Two days ago, I didn't even know what custom firmware was. I knew of what it could do, but not how to go about installing it. I read as many tutorials as I could but still had a couple of problems, but this site has to be the first forum site I've been on where I didn't get abused for being a noob. Just simple and helpful advice. I'm now running M33 3.71 and currently installing the 1.50 add on and all 4 updates.

    Special thanks to hibbyware and chickentikka who were especially helpful.

    Sentimental crap over :bucktooth:

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    I don't know if I have helped you or not, but your welcome.
    helping others is what we do.
    HACKED PSPS FTW! :twisted:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mega_Lesus
    I didn't get abused for being a noob
    lol u got lucky, or u didnt ask stupid questions/thread/answers/CAPSLOCK UR TOPIC , tons of flamer around :mrgreen:
    PSP phatty: 1.5---->2.71---->3.03oe-c---->semi brick---->3.51 m33----> 3.52 m33---> $140
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    <---woot! finally its done!

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