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Thread: Technical question - What would be the cause?

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    Ok here's the deal: 1) PSP's battery won't charge anymore 2) It's only usable with the AC plug in which only lasts 3 weeks 3) All the sudden the PSP dies, won't turn on not even with the AC plug plugged in.

    Bad motherboard? but how the fuck...
    Loose connection? (AC plug harness to motherboard)?

    This is on my cousins PSP BTW, won't see it until I leave for x-mas soon. I asked if it was dropped and he said "not that I know of." and there's a higher chance of the screen getting fucked up over the motherboard but he says the screen looks fine. I'm very curious right now want yallz opinion, thanks.


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    Did you try running pandora on it? Buy a new battery, try it, if no luck..then you're better of just buying another phat or a new slim ( in which case you need a hacked phat or slim to hack)

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    if u have an alt psp available you can try swapping out the little yellow power plug on the psp.. or goonline and buy one
    i cant promise that will fix it but im sure u can get one for less than 5 bucks online which is cheaper than buying a new one.
    And yeah try using pandora see if it will turn on
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