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Thread: Cwcheat 0.2.0 Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by weltall
    Here it is a new version of cwcheat: 0.2.0.
    This versions gathers various important improvements.
    As for the loading process now the drive is checked in a better way this should make startup faster while making it even more safer than before.
    This new way allowed also to make the checking for new disk automatic in loaders like irshell and usb loaders so it's not needed anymore to use a combination to make it reload the database and disk id (the manual way will still be available in this release but will be removed if this new method will work fine)
    Now the clock function will allow you to change up to 333/166 even in 3.71+ firmwares.
    As for the latest big improvement: now the text for the various translation were all stored on a mysql database this allowed a better and faster generation of files needed to do translation so i was able to make all the various texts which were left before only in english translatable and will be same for the future text which will be added, even adding new languages or changing size of the various strings is extremely faster. As a side effect of this old translation files (.lng) are invalid now so you need to grab a new one from the language folder of the package and put it as cwcheat.lng in the folder /seplugins/cwcheat/.
    For 3.71m33 users you should have at least 3.71m33-3 to be able to use cwcheat in the 3.71m33 series because of missing patches in the older firmwares. Users of older firmware versions (3.60, 3.52, 3.51, 3.40) aren't affected by this.

    Enjoy :)


    0.2.0 RELEASE
    - [ALL] now it's possible to change clock > 222/166 on 3.71+ firmwares. thanks to dark alex.
    - [ALL] now 3.71+ builds requires 3.71m33-3 or never because of required patches available only from that version
    - [ALL] changed drive checking method: now it should be almost immediate in the initialization (no more waiting) and even in a more safe way
    - [ALL] The new drive checking method made possible removing various checks introduced before because they became useless reducing so the prx size
    - [IRSHELL] Now (in irshell builds) the drive (or emulated one) is checked everytime you open the menu so when you start the game in irshell 
                (or other loaders which works in a similar way) the next time the menu is opened the game db is automatically loaded accordly. 
    - [ALL] fixed an optimization glitch which blocked the usb function from being disabled
    - [ALL] some code about usb was removed from builds with usb disabled
    - [ALL] fixed a little glitch which made the cpu frequence option go from 333 to 266 without going trough 300, optimized also a bit the code managing it
    - [ALL] now when you add a new cheat in the cheat selection menu a number is put after the "NEW CHEAT" name, like if you searched for it
    - [ALL] Fixed some texts to be more proper and have a better case
    - [ALL] now never texts are translatable using the classic cwcheat.lng in the cwcheat folder.
    - [ALL] Added norwegian translation thanks to blackrave
    - [ALL] Updated italian translation.
    N.B. Older language files are now uncompatible, if you have done one before which isn't in the package please tell me so i can add your language
         file to the database for quick generation in case of change of positions of things in the file. Users should grab the new for language file
         from the package and replace the one they were using before.

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    hot diggity dam, merry xmas to us!!!

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    awesome!!!!! like always good find
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