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Thread: Pls Help.. My psp wont read my Memory Stick

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    my brother lent my psp. he was playing while charging the psp for about 5 hours and then rest it for about half 30min. then when he turned on my psp again, it wont read my 4gb BLUE SanDisk (MAGIC GATE)memory stick anymore. i tried my other mem sticks, the blue and the black 32 mb mem stick duo by SONY and the black 512 mb sony but they're all not working! but when i tried all mem sticks on my PC it shows up and working fine.
    My psp is ceramic white PHAT PSP 1000 and been using it for half a year. i'd been using 3.52 m33-4 CFW.

    Pls. help me..
    your HELP would be highly appreciated..

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    this, help section, needs to be

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    Format it in PSP, not in PC. If still not working memstick damaged = replace
    or PSP mem stick reader is faulty, try turning on your PSP without the memstick then insert when XMB loads, push it very slowly, remove it if it doesn't work then in again.

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