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Thread: Project 4 Open Beta 2 News

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    Here is a quote from Auraomega:
    A lot of people are asking what functions are going to be in the second release, and when it will be released, some basics have been posted on a French forum after they interviewed me (link here).

    All changes made will be going here, and when a suitable release date is decided that too will go here.

    ETA - 24/1/08


    Added a basic screenshot function for theme previews, turn the hold switch on then off and a screenshot will be taken and saved to ms0:/screenShot.png, please bare in mind that this is basic at the moment and will likely crash the PSP if the memory stick is not inserted.
    Completely removed pspdebug font and replaced it with intraFont, there may be some graphical errors, but we are trying hard to get them all ironed out before release.
    eBook reader has been removed for now in order to add intraFont support.
    New loading option for games, it is tagged as experimental, but it loads usermode games and apps while keeping Project4 running in the background, this will be used in order to play music and games (much like iRShell I guess).
    2 new options in the config menu, 1 to reflect the above change, and the other to give more flexibility - a new option called Request will bring up a screen asking how you want to load a game, the options are the same as those in the config menu, so you can select as you load a game if you wish.

    Revamped the config, it now controls the folder location that each icon goes to, and controls the icons locations, its a bit complex at the moment, but in the future I plan on adding a graphical flasher.
    Added a new menu thread, pressing start brings up the menu, it gives you the ability to take screenshots.
    Changed the screenshot function so save files to ms0:/screenShot[x].png where [x] is a number, it also determines the next available file. This works up to ms0:/sceenShot999.png.
    Fixed a bug in the file browser which now auto-determines the position in the folder you are, and will allow you to view the next set of files, instead of having to press select and up or down to view the rest of the content of a folder.
    Found a new, quick, universal patch that will not interfere with the loading of Sony games (as the "Dirty Hack" did).

    Fixed a bug in loading homebrew, was unsuseptible when testing with PSPLink, only happened when flashed, this problem has now been solved.

    Fixed a bug in the menu system and screenshot functions that caused it to revert to the previous frame, this error is now fixed.
    Added a new function, sysDump, which dumps all the Project4 system variables in case of a BSoD, it has also been added to the Project4 Main Options. The dump is pointless unless you are specifically looking for bugs.

    Fixed another bug in the browser, this time linked with entering a folder with a . in it, a check is now proformed to see if its a folder or a file you are attempting to open, and acts accordingly.

    Changed the default config written if one is missing.
    Fixed a bug in the browser I introduced which meant that files not in the root would not be executed.
    Fixed a bug in the main options which made the option go off screen.
    Updated the default config, if the config.ini is missing this file will now be written containing the updated data.
    Fixed a bug with the alpha layer in screenshots, this caused the screenshots to sometimes contain nothing but a white random mess.

    No updates yesterday for a good reason, because today I have PSX games loading

    As you can see this is about a week and a half old so if this has already been posted i'm sorry. I looked but didn't find anything on it.

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    thats cool i like the idea of swapping out the xmb for a true custom one. but after trying the first beta i didnt like how i had to go to the eboots in the game menu....

    "the devs saying "we are working on fixing this issue" well i'm working on having sex with Mandy Moore and Britney Spears
    at the same time, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen" ~Travisclees~

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