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Thread: A couple of questions on utilities found on UPMS and a MAJOR THANKS!

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    I am not having a problem with anything. Matter of fact, having a blast with winning as-is PSP's on ebay, getting them in and unbricking them in 5 minutes. Got one PSP Phat for about $75.00 bucks. 5 minutes after getting it, had it working again with Pandora. Now I have 3 PSPes. My original and two others that WERE bricked.:) Thinking about putting them back on Ebay. I just wanted to play with the pandora and the magic stick.

    So THANKS to all you of developers for creating a wonderful tool and to the people who write those excellent tutorials. Don't understand how some people cannot follow simple directions.

    My questions on UPMS Utilities:
    1) What is Legal Nand Backup and what is its purpose?
    2) Same for keycleaner?

    I tried to search but a lot of the results were asking for help with this, that or the other. I'm just wanting an explanation of what they are and how they are used. So if you know of a link to the information, please post it.

    From what I can tell, Nand is a dangerous thing to mess up as it will stop UMD's from being read. Based on that, this sounds like the PSP "hardwired" key that gets used with the UMD to tell if you have a legit copy. That's my take on it.

    Oh yeah, I do have one gripe.


    It is a shame you cannot go after people on Ebay for stealing other people's work and selling. I've seen listings selling pandora's battery. I guess I'm ok with that because some people really do have a hard time following directions. And you are getting the battery/memory stick. But the one that gets me is the person selling the service to fix bricked PSP'es. And if you read the listing, you know that they are using the pandora battery/magic stick combo. And the thing that gets me is that a noob or someone who doesn't research will think this guy is a God when all he did was still others works. The least he could do is pay some royalties to the real genuises of the PSP pandora/magic stick. Anyhoo, that is my gripe.

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    The nand backup is fix any corrupted flash1 on your PSP, if you need it.

    Keycleaner analyzes your mobo's keys to check for corrupted keys, and offers to safely patch them. (Or unpatch them)

    Why sell on ebay? Ok, sell one or two. But, you can use them to experiment with different firmware versions. :p You know, project64, Devhook, POC?

    Just some ideas if you were bored.

    Guide for M33 firmwares | Install DCv8 |PS3 Hacking Thread

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