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    Hello Guys,

    Brought myself a PSP a couple of days ago due to me going on a 9 hour flight to America in a couple of months. I've got 6 games at the moment, they are as follows:

    World tour soccer
    Pro Evo 6
    Liberty Cities [Completed]
    Midnight Club
    NFS: Most wanted

    To be fair, I was a bit dis-a-pointed in the graphics but then I thought, for a console as small as it is, your not going to get great graphics. As it stands the games I have arent brillaint. I only like 3 out of the 6 I have got. Can anyone reccomened any, i'm off to town on the weekend so i'll try and grab a copy of 'Vice city'.

    If anyone wishes to have the following games, they can have them. I'm not into the: Tekken & World tour soccer.

    I currently own a website -
    Its a gaming site but its not very active at the moment due to me not advertising. I'm hoping to change it around, i want a theme to put on the site. Any suggestions would be greatful.

    Anyway, My little fingers are knackerd from typing all of this.

    Catch ya later,


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    If you liked Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories is a must have. I have both and enjoyed them heaps. And if you liked Most Wanted then I would recommend NFS: Carbon as that is better (or I think so as I have both). Some other good games are Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow and of course, Loco Roco (yeah, its good).

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    i perfer GTA LC or VC that got repetitive didnt like how they made some of VC
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