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Thread: Use PSP to control PS3?

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    What are the capabilites, I am thinking about buying a slim. Can anyone confirm that a PSP can control a PS3 but still output through the PS3? I would like to use a PSP to select which MP3s to play through the PS3. Can this be done or will whatever you select using the PSP only play back on the PSP?

    Basically, I listen to music while watching TV (especially sports), and I have to toggle the video between my TV back to the PS3 whenever I want to change a song. I want to use the PSP as a remote control - without having to change the TV input back to PS3 all the time.

    So what i want to do is use the PSP as a remote screen for the PS3 - but I want the sound to still come from the PS3 - not PSP. Does this work?


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    remote play will help

    put the ps3 in remote play mode
    and then
    use remote play on the psp, and psp can
    play video
    play music
    view pics
    play ps1 games
    play SOME ps3 games(the work in remote play mode)
    use the ps3 web
    use the some of the PSN stuff

    all stuff will be outputted to the PSP
    sound and video


    use a TV with PIP

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    But I do not want the sound to come out of the PSP, I want it to still play through my PS3 - which is hooked up to my home theater reciever!

    I already understand the features of remote play, thank you.

    I want to use the PSP as a remote screen bascailly and still have the sound output via PS3. Is there a way to specify whether it plays through the PS3 or PSP when playing back MP3s via remote play?

    Also, I use TVersity on my PC to stream MP3s to the PS3. Remote play will be able to play streamed media, correct? Or does it need to be saved on the PS3 harddrive?

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