Hey all. I've got a quick question.

I've noticed that all the homebrew apps on my psp are displayed in reverse chronological order. In other words - the newest programs are at the top of the list. Is there an app or theme or flash0 file that would allow me to edit the order in which those programs are displayed? For example - one that would let me alphabetize them - or put them in order from most frequently used to least frequently - or hell any other custom order?


PS - I saw one or two threads about a windows program that'll let you do this - but I dont have windows - so that won't do me much good.


Double figure views and no one knows? I'm sorry to hear that. But on the plus side - maybe someone with more knowledge and talent than me would be willing to develop a psp app. that does this. I can't be the only person out there that would like to re-organize the icons for their homebrew programs. Especially for those of us that have a lot of apps on their psp's.