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Thread: Removing the PSP logo on gameboot

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    There is probably other threads about this, but I had to search several forums and do some guessing,
    and I found out that it was pretty easy removing the PSP logo that appears on your gameboot.

    For you who want does not already know how to do this, here it is:

    (this was done on 3.90 m33 Slim and Lite)
    1. press [SELECT] to bring up the M33 VSH MENU and change USB device to flash0
    2. goto settings -> USB Connect and connect to your computer. Now you have to make hidden files visible and choose to show protected operating system files for your mass storage device appearing on you computer, lets call it G:\
    This is done by going to Tools -> Folder Options... -> View
    and it should look like this:

    3. goto G:\vsh\resource\ and find the file opening_plugin.rco
    4. copy it to you computer and make a backup of it.
    5. Remove the readonly protection from the file.
    6. Open it with a hex editor, I found a free one called HxD
    7. goto address 0x3A14, to do this in HxD: Search -> Goto.. -> and type 3A14

    8. Press ok and you will get to a hex value, in my case it was 15, but that depends on the firmware version I think.
    9. Change that value (15) to anything else (I changed it to 55 since another forum said so, but of what I have read it doesn't mater)
    10. Save the file and put back its readonly protection (dont know if it is necessary, but I did)
    11. Drag n Drop the file in G:\vsh\resource\ and choose to overwrite (remember to backup before you do anything you will regret)

    and thats it, reboot your PSP, and you should be good to go
    good luck

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    Or you can replace the tex_PSP_logo in the opening_plugin.rco with a blank .bmp file of a resolution of 1X1 in RCO editor.

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