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Thread: Omg 1.5 Finally Working On My Pee Esss Pee!!!

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    so happy that dax finally got 8gb stick that allows him to make 3.90-m33 1.5v2 kernal patch :D
    was so disappointed b4 that i can never run 1.5 hbs on my psp, in both 3.71 and 3.80m33s
    I hope ppl find this a useful information, as for me my 1.5hbs DIDNT worked before on my 8gb disc with 1.5 patch in 3.71 and 3.80m33
    happyx100 :)

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    1 God 1 King is truly a king =D He saved me from leaving the scene, but kindly donating his PSP to me. Anybody who talks to him on these forums, is not worthy of his kindness =P THANK YOU 1 GOD 1 KING!!!!

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