If you can donate please let me know by pming me and I will give you paypal information...Please help out of the kindness of your heart....In return all I can offer is my gratitude and any type of help I can provide.

Well please move this to the buy/sell section if this is not the appropriate place... I have 2 PSP's I need to sell in order to pay a couple of bill's...I am selling extra stuff I have so I do not have to work over time for obvious reasons such as school...I will list items and I will list the hacked PSP as though nobody knows the capabilities...

m sellin a psp...here is info get back to me asap please...i also have a sidekick 3 and lx if ur interested anyways heres the psp info...I can sell u the perfectly fine on for 185 shipping included with a 2 gig get back to me asap and tell me what u want and prices and all

I have two psps with custom firmwares this allows yountoplay downloaded games ffor thepsp and u can play old games like super nintendo games sega games playstation 1 games and alot more after your purchase i will tell you where you can download these games from and its free!!...i could put 1.5 on it for you or whatever firmware you want....perfectly fine the Home/volume/select and all those buttons are white...It has screen protecter with a little dust under it hardly noticeable...It comes with a battery and charger...I have the unpatched Lumines if you want that too..I have the God of War Special edition demo...It will come with the stock pouch except it is white and looks ill..it is a little dirty but can be easily washed and cleaned..Offers are welcome...When I get a confirmed price I will put it up on Pricegrabber...or we could work something else out...i also have as mentioned.....another PSP it is Version 1.5 which is also perfectly fine except it doesn't have the UMD cover THE UMD'S ARE READ AND DO WORK and I don't have a charger for it...but I have a 2 in 1 USB cable/charger I have no pouch for this one. The D-Pad is white and the triangle, square, circle, and X buttons are white offers are welcome for this too.

Offers are welcome for both PSP's just tell me what you want...the system only or do you want to get the system and and game etc.!

Pictures of Perfectly fine PSP.

Pictures of PSP with broken UMD cover..UMD'S WORK!!

Sorry My camera couldnt take could pics hopefully u could see it says FW 1.5

Lumines Pictures..

God of War Special Edition Demo..

Lumines is unpatched.