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Thread: HELP!!! my psp is sickly!!!!

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    I have a psp slim, and when I hold the psp with two hands and take the psp with my right hand and lightly tap/hit it into my left hand the psp shuts off and will not turn back on until i plug it in.

    Im running a fat battery with a fat battery sony cover.

    The only thing that i did that was out of the ordinary was i plug my psp with audio cables into my 11 watt psp speakers. One time i had it plugged in and it slipped out of my hands onto my table, the audio jack slipped out the same time it hit the table and the psp shut off.

    I dont know if that is the culprit? the speakers are designed for the phat psp, so i cant put it into the cradle so I use the audio jack, is there enough juice in the audio cable to mess up my psp?

    Any ideas?

    Regardless i have a 2 year service plan with Walmart, what ever that means? All i know is they will return anything so I am not too worried about getting a new one.

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    Just take it back and dont mention anything uncommon

    If they ask which they will, play the innocent/technophobe role, say i just turned it on and i was half way through a game and .......

    or I turned it in one day and .....

    Just make sure you have original firmware on there and you'll be fine as long as youve got the warranty

    Take it in with the ORIGINAL BATTERY and its original cover!

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